Battlefield 2042 has set anything but a dream start. In recent weeks, however, the developers have pushed some updates that have turned on important set screws. But is that enough? Of these you can convince you about the weekend — because Battlefield 2042 can be played for free on Steam in the coming days.

Battlefield 2042: Free weekend started on Steam

With the release of Battlefield 2042 EA has shot a fat desire about a month ago. The shooter hope plagued various technical difficulties, server-lags, missing weapons balance — in short: the game just felt unfinished.

In the last few weeks, however, the developers have all set their way to depart the coarsest corners and edges and eliminates various criticisms with patches. The big question still remains: is the shooter now playable halfway?

Who wants to make his own judgment, now gets the perfect opportunity: Until 20th of December 2021 you can download the Bombast Shooter for free via Steam and Rock.

Battlefield 2042 for free on Steam

Anyone who concludes within the free test phase that he likes the game and wants to buy it can also save neatly. Thanks to a thick discount rate, you pay instead of 59.99 euros only 39.59 euros on Steam, so you save 34 percent. In addition, you can continue seamlessly at the point after the purchase, where you have stopped. Your progress is preserved.

WAS Battlefield 2042 compared to the predecessors differently and above all better, we reveal you in the video:

Developer set short update pause

How To Download Battlefield 2042 on Steam and Pre Order for Early Access on November 12th
After the developers delivered a considerable number of patches and updates within a very short time, the team announced in a blog entry that one would now have a small break to the New Year. Then DICE plans to work on further improvements and changes. However, concrete measures are not named.

We are curious if Battlefield can rehabilitate something with the players with the free action. Treaty only 34 percent of the Steam players the shooter positive.