Review Gunmetal

Incorporating humor in a video game is a difficult task. While titles like Horace and South Park: The Stick of Truth manages to combine a well written comedy and solid game mechanics, countless others have fallen flat. Paying tribute to Kolyma while adding a parody to the size of Tucker Brothers Gunmetal aims to combine the influences in a full of laughter adventure, but he will be right?

You enter the skin Jesse Fox, a military veteran who tends to inflate the truth. Incarcerated, you must escape from an enemy complex with an old spy tactics. As you sneaking around the base, you will discover war plans, which means that the weight of the world rests on your shoulders now.

Presented as a double narrative, the story is told through flashbacks. When investigators questioned your account, you can choose a response that often leads to hilarious results. Fox talent to embellish the situation materializes on the screen, perfectly combining humor and gameplay. Selecting modest responses generally results in circumstances increasingly complex, requiring you to consider the result of your answer. Mocking a myriad of action films conventions Gunmetal did a great job using stereotypes for comedy value. The scenarios grow in their absurdity and continue to be entertaining, making this well written getaway an absolute joy from start to finish.

Influenced by Metal Gear stealth is at the forefront in this adventure up and down. The guards patrolling the environment, requiring you to monitor your environment and proceed with caution. As you sneaking to the coverage, you automatically tighten against the wall to keep out of sight of the enemy. You can eliminate your enemies with close combats, sleep with chloroform or use any firearms. The latter shall inform the other guards, leading a swarm of soldiers rushing to your site until the alarm ceases.

You will meet a series of puzzles during your journey through the headquarters of the enemy. Punch environment generates elements that you can combine to help you grow. The logic based puzzles are quite simple but add variety to the gameplay. If you have trouble, you can call the radio colonel to get a clue. Interestingly, the game wants you to learn of failed sections, and you change the way you play. At one point, I missed several guard dogs to be called by the Colonel, which alarmed the dogs and made me a chew toy! For this reason, I knew he was trying to communicate, so I called to report my position and I ventured unscathed.

Boss encounters are introduced with a nice retro graphics fighter. These battles vary in their design and provide creative sequences. You probably suffer damage at these points and will need to either heal the wound, which will stop the depletion of your health, or use a first aid kit to recover. Doing this takes seconds and makes you vulnerable, adding a layer of strategy to the fighting. During boss fights, aim your gun can be problematic. It is difficult to decipher exactly where you are and can often lead to wayward shots.

Moving away from its influences, Gunmetal includes a light RPG mechanics. Perform specific actions such as withdrawals stealth will reward you with experience points. The upgrade will give you the opportunity to choose from two different abilities that will help you in your mission. These vary, and you improve health, the travel speed and more.

At first glance, the visuals seem simplistic, but it’s not. UNEDIC Fran has done a great job in being faithful to the source material while using modern technology to provide beautiful scenery and varied entertainment. The attention to detail is subtle but fantastic. Scattered everywhere are boxes and cans that capture the identity of its influences. Kinematic add extra personality to the game, the characters coming to life with the wonderful pixel art.

The sound effects of the Metal Gear series are emblematic and Gunmetal has perfectly imitated them to anchor the game in the genre. The soundtrack on the theme of espionage adds familiarity to the game but is very conventional. A culminating point is dubbing. Delivered in a direct way to Leslie Nielsen, the cast includes the purpose and delivery of dialogue, which helps add authenticity to the game.

Gunmetal is an incredible tribute to one of the largest franchises in the middle. While the game makes fun of the title and highlights the flaws and idiots, it is clear that it is done with love and admiration for the series. Similar to the way Mel Brooks tears with Hitchcock love in High Anxiety, Unpick English does the same with Kolyma. Varied gameplay and creative narration keep you hysteric throughout. Although some can find the retro gameplay a little squeaked, the fans of Metal Gear and the furtive genre must live this tearing tactical espionage adventure.

UnMetal - Metal Gear Just Got a Whole Lot Sillier in this Hilarious Stealth Action Adventure!

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