Japanese cyberpunk refers to cyberpunk fiction produced in Japan. There are two distinctive subgenres of Japanese cyberpunk: live-action Japanese cyberpunk films, as well as cyberpunk manga as well as anime works. Japanese cyberpunk movie theater, likewise referred to as Extreme Japanese Cyberpunk, refers to a sub-genre of underground movie created in Japan, starting in the 1980s. It births some resemblance to the ‘low-life state-of-the-art’ cyberpunk, as recognized in the West, however it differs in its representation of commercial and metal imagery as well as an incomprehensible story. The major directors related to the Japanese cyberpunk motion are Shiny Tuamotu, Shown Fungi, and also Solo Ishim. The origins of the genre can be mapped back to the 1982 movie Burst City, prior to the category was primarily defined by the 1989 movie Tesco: The Iron Man. It has origins in the Japanese punk subculture, that developed from the Japanese punk music scene in the 1970s, with Solo Ishim’s punk movies of the late 1970s to very early 1980s presenting this subculture to Japanese movie theater and also leading the way for Japanese cyberpunk.
Japanese cyberpunk additionally refers to a subgenre of manga as well as anime collaborates with cyberpunk motifs. This subgenre started in 1982 with the debut of Mutsuhito Too’s manga collection Akira, with its 1988 anime film adaptation (which Too guided) later on popularizing the subgenre. Akira influenced a wave of Japanese cyberpunk works, including manga as well as anime series such as Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Anita, Cowboy Bebop, and Serial Experiments Lain. Cyberpunk anime and also manga have been influential on worldwide pop culture, motivating countless works in animation, comics, movie, music, television and also computer game.

Today, exactly one year ago since it was released cyberpunk 2077, and beyond the controversy, there were also other memorable moments of the game. As you probably know, Johnny Silver hand, The character played by Keanu Reeves, does not have romance options within the game, or at least not official.

The modern were responsible for changing this and from its first days in the market, there were already mods that allowed you to have sex with the character of Reeves. This did not do anything about grace to CD Project Red, those who took care of prohibiting these mods. But on the other hand, Reeves was enthusiastic about the idea.

Keanu Reeves to Silverhand Joytoy Mod in Cyberpunk 2077
In a new interview with The Verge, Reeves said he had not yet played Cyberpunk 2077, however, he was quite excited about the idea that people implemented mods inside the game for Have relationships with the character of him. When he learned that CPR had forbidden them, he was even disappointed.

Editor’s note: A year later, and CPR has not yet fixed Cyberpunk 2077. I say, the game is in a better state now that before, but there are still many things to do, especially as soon as to its new generation version.