In the official WOW forum have announced the developers of World of Warcraft more RAIDERS for the patch-9.2-battles mausoleum of the first. After already on the 3rd of December Sole, The Insatiable Ravened and Sausage, The Fallen Oracle for the test, Liquid and Artificer XY’MOX can be combated in heroic mode soon.

Mausoleum of the first RAIDERS 9 December 2021

Liquid and Artificer XY’MOX can be tested for one hour each. As always, the developers can cancel the test at an early stage.

9.2 PTR Actually Looks… GOOD? New Tier Set Info, Raid Testing & Release Date
Liquid, Principal Architect — Heroic mausoleum of the first
10 pm of our time

Artificer XY’MOX — Heroic mausoleum of the first
11 pm of our time

So you take on the raid test for the mausoleum of the first part

In order to come directly to the bosses with your battleship, you can speak of them in storm wind, Grammar, Tribes or Malayan with Nexus Lord London Made IV to teleport you directly into the mausoleum of the first. You can visit the bottle ingredients in these capitals to cover you with all the soaks, vials, buff food, enchantment, etc.

XY’MOX? I know that!

Anyone who has already got in Patch 9.1 The name XY’MOX will be known. The more sophisticated mediator with his portal magic has followed you with his cartel to Earth Morris. He utilizes the chaos to loot his treasures and tries to get a weapon with which he gains boundless power. As it looks, XY’MOX is the third boss in the mausoleum of the first opposite.

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