Today, a great new update of GTA Online was announced. That said, while the players will have a lot of new content to wait before the end of the year, it seems red dead online The players are not going to be lucky. Months have passed since there was a significant update of red dead online, and it seems Red Dead Redemption 2 fans will need to wait a little more to see something worthy of the Western.

In the middle of the aforementioned GTA online Rockstar Games announced Christmas content for the next four weeks of the game, apparently confirming that there will be a great update before the end of the year. If you wish, you can read more about this content. Here. That said, it seems that players are less interested in this content and more interested in speculation of what this means for the next great update of the game and why it’s taking so long.

It’s okay… Now I’ve completely lost faith in Rockstar Games, he writes a fan of news. Would it be so difficult to add as 10 more ranges to a paper as last year? Or another pass, like a Christmas pass that gives you a couple of things? »

You are letting people speculate if there will be some new update in the coming months for this game, which generates frustration and fair assumptions that there could be no new update to come. Communicate better, even if there is no ‘t a new update this month, »Read a second response. So, is there no update in December? Have you had a year since the disappointment of BH expansion to work on an update and everything we obtain is an event until January 5? Made with red dead online or have great plans in 2022… which I doubt a lot »adds a frustrated third fan.

At the time of publication, Rockstar Games has not responded to any of these violent reactions in any way. He almost never responds to a violent reaction of this variety, so we do not expect this to change, but if he does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

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