To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bungee, the developer is organizing an event at Destiny 2, bringing many new cosmetics and weapons to the tower and its guardians. Several weapons are extracted directly from the old Bungee sand shooter, Halo IP, before it was sold to Microsoft and 343 Industries will take the reins. In this guide we will explain How to get the legendary Rephrased Path Tracking Rifle at Destiny 2, so you can add this elegant weapon to your collection.

Retraced Path, as noted above, is a legendary tracking rifle, and is clearly inspired by halo beam rifle, often used by Covenant’s forces to face the master chief from a distance. It is also the weapon chosen by the Jackals.

Returning on the road in Destiny 2

To redraw the way, you must open the treasure chest in front of OUR at its new Treasure Hoard location. You can contact Our in this new location by opening the administrator of it and selecting eternity.

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As you have guessed, the treasure chest itself can not be opened when you want. You will have to win a key to open it.

Obtaining treasure chest keys for Our in Destiny 2

To get a key to open the OUR chest, you must complete the DARES OF ETERNITY event. This was recently added to the game as part of the 30th anniversary event and assigns players the task of eliminating waves of enemies and completing challenges to fill a progress bar to summon a final boss.

After defeating the final boss, players will receive a treasure chest key that can then take Our at the treasure location.

Opening the treasure chest of OUR

Now that you have the key, come back with Our and interact with the treasure chest that is right in front of him. Now you will receive one of the new weapons of the 30th anniversary event, but the one you get is completely random.

As such, it is not guaranteed to obtain the route drawn in Destiny 2 on its first, second or even third attempt. However, the events of eternity is repeatable and lose a key every time you defeat it, so you can continue polishing it until the RNG gods are on your side.

That’s all you need to know How to get the path traced in Destiny 2. Go to our wiki to get more tips and tricks about the 30th anniversary event, as well as the last great expansion.

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