The enforcement instances of the Mexican championship of Rainbow Six Siege ended up with phoenix esports champion. The day at the best of five turned against the sword and the wall to the newcomer to the competition, extending to the last map against Others Esports. However, the competitive year is not yet ends: the closed qualifiers are missing at Six Invitational 2022, to be played in Canada.

To start the conversation of globalist instances, you have to understand the context of Felix Esports. The Mexican squadron took a step on the side of Arturo Sigma Bizarre before the qualifiers. Pay entered the place of him, so the members of the staff began to train him for the atmosphere of the ESPORTS. Pedro HOPE MONTE shared the routine since the arrival of him, working for him over many hours. But at the end of the day, he found the place of him and contributed to an improvement in the performance of the last dates. We played as we had never played this year, Hope shared. Obviously he still lacks experience, this is the second time he plays a tournament in LAN, and it’s the first time he came to this study to face his opponents face to face. He kept quiet, but, anyway, He lacks experience that he could supply with his individual game, supporting the team in what was necessary, he elaborated.

The work with PAY outside the court involved hours teaching you learned throughout 2021. What helped manage the temper of it within the best of five of the Mexican championship. About it, Hope shared that he did not have an extra pressure: he felt that they should only work as they were accustomed. As if it were any other round, do not make our mistakes, he explained. At the work of keeping spirits afloat, the captain of the squad had an additional job with the management of the environment. In Café Dostoevsky, the conversation between the players was vital to understand what was needed in the formula of victory.

About complications along the confrontation, Eduardo Luxor Ortiz shared the difficulties. The plans did not always get going to the letter, generating frustrations that were possible to ventilate. Despite this, it also highlights the work of the team that managed to specify the championship. Others is also a very good team, but we were better, and we won it.

Rainbow Six Siege: To Win It All | Documentary
HOPE talked about the theme of the Brazilian players of Others Esports. The three reinforcements, which contributed their ideas to improve the level of the team, also complicated the management of rounds for the Mexican captain. The more they lengthened the clashes, burned the plans and surprises of Felix Esports. They were very good adapting to what we had and that made us difficult for us to close certain maps, closed him.

Closing with the postparty interview, both HOPE and Luxor sent a message to all those who followed the Phoenix campaign in 2021. Highlighting that, at first, they were not favorites and there was little confidence in the organization. But that encouragement messages, although few, helped stand firm in the fight for the Mexican championship.

Many people wanted to see us fall, be it as individuals or as a team, nothing else did not want to win, it was very painful at first, but those people who did support us are worth a thousand, and we dedicated this victory, he said HOPE, who took the opportunity to dedicate the message to family, friends and their partner.