Tents are among the many new things that keep in Fortnite Chapter 3 feeder. Tents are the next version of the campfire in Fortnite, but can do much more than just restore your health. These have a variety of purposes and can be used depending on demand in different scenarios. Whether you have already seen these new tents in the game or want to use another one, you’ll find everything you need to know about the new tents in Fortnite chapter third

What are tents in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Tents are a new inventory item in Fortnite, which can be found as ground prey and in chests on the new Chapter 3 card called Artemis. According to a blog post by Epic, you can wear these tents all over the map and move. These tents look like bedrolls, but once they are set up, they take the form of a large tent, and have many valuable and unique features.

How to use tents in Fortnite Chapter 3?

There are many ways to use the tents in Fortnite chapter third However, the main use of tents is to store inventory items such as weapons or other health items in it. You can then recover in the later stages of the game it. It acts as an additional pocket and can be used to increase your inventory size. Another highlight of tents is that they even remember between different games that you have saved. If you have kept so in a previous game some weapons and health items in the tent, you can restore it in the next games, if you get randomly a tent.

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The first two storage bins for articles are free, and you can unlock an additional place by issuing bullion. Even if you play with your friends or other players, everyone can use the situated from you tent, which is a further advantage if a member is short of supplies. If you have your tent with everything you need stowed away, and want to relax, you can do so. Once you have set in Fortnite Chapter 3 a tent, you will see two options — Managing Memory or relax.

Once you have chosen the peace option, you see how your character opens the door of the tent and enters. Once you are inside, your health (not your plate) restored. Once you are done with the rest, you can tab stock manage tent pack, which turned the tent into a compact object and can be carried around in your inventory.

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