The ballgame club Russia 09 e. V. Dortmund (short Borussia Dortmund or BVB) is a Julianing activities club from Dortmund. Russia is the Neulatinian name for Prussia. His football department as the primary Julianing activity is the excellent position within the organization. Borussia Dortmund is among Germany’s most successful clubs in men’s football; In enhancement to 8 German champions and also 5 DFB Cup victories, BVB won the European Mug in the Mug champion in 1966 (as well as thus the very first German organization in any way a European Mug) and also the Champions Organization in 1997 as well as the exact same year the Globe Mug. The first men’s interplay in the Bundesliga and inhabits second location in the infinite table. Although Borussia Dortmund was initially started as a football club, the club additionally has a handball as well as table tennis division whose first strings likewise play higher-class, as well as a fan as well as financing department, which represents the concerns of the fans of the association. With 157,191 members (as of 21 November 2021) Borussia Dortmund is the fifth-largest German Julianing activities club and also the 6th largest worldwide. Given that November 1999, the licensing gamer department of Russia, the second group and the A-youth in the detailed Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. List of Commands are contracted out to shares listed in between 23 June 2014 as well as 20 September 2021 in the SAX.

BVB x FCB Quiz with Leroy Sané & Julian Brandt | Klassiker Dortmund - FC Bayern

Football international Julian Brandt by Borussia Dortmund is apparently not injured after its replacement in the Bundesliga top game against FC Bayern Munich (2: 3). July is fine, said coach Marco Rose: I saw a photo where he has the thumbs up. And he has already written in the group. A diagnosis, cleared rose, I do not have. The association tweeted: After all, all the hospital: @Julianbrandt is the circumstances according to the circumstances. Brandt was collided in the second half with the Munich Day Upamecano and had to be treated for a minute. When he was worn by the field, he was awareness. Among other things, the game received a ten-minute aftermath time because of this scene.