The next week’s game Awards (TGA) 2021, in 2021, you can meet a number of famous actors in Hollywood, including the Keanu Reeves of the Matrix, Mt. Even a musician who represents the UK is also on stage.

Canada’s Game Journalist and Jerkily, hosting TGA, disclosing a list of presenters who participate in TGA 2021 through Twitter on the past 2 days. So far, the performers released so far include Major Cinematic Universe’s Cinema Liu, including Matrix Series, including Matrix Series, and Montana Won, which appeared in Keanu Reeves, Carry & Moss, Amanda Lori and Agent of Shield.

These performers appear to be presented as a presenter on this event and to introduce a new or winner.

In addition, the celebration performing list was also released. At this event, stinging appears in the British Rock Band ‘Police’ and the Movie Form’s OST ‘Shape of My Heart’, and the song ‘English man in network’, which has hit the world, He will play the soundtrack of animated ‘Arcane’ using roll IP. In addition, the ACH EIN OST and the Rolled Cup Topic song ‘Warriors’ are also famous for the Warriors.


The TGA 2021 will be held at the Micro Soft Theater at Los Angeles, USA at 7 am on the 10th of Korea.