A few hours ago Inside Entertainment surprised in social networks announced a small image change. Specifically, its traditional and huge X picked up the corporate form of the Xbox logo, in line with its parent company since 2018.

No more visible changes are appreciated between the previous teaching and the current one, so many users begin to ask networks if there is something more behind, as the imminent announcement of a new project already developed exclusively for Microsoft systems, after the Premiere The last course of the remarkable Wasteland 3 on all systems. Also, as is usual, Geoff Kafka has shown the curiosity of him in the comments. Advanced the presence of Inside at the Game Awards?

Currently. I know that the mockery are cruel, but I am very excited about the images, the design and script of our next great game. Unfortunately, you can not see what I see in a long time, he explained. Both projects, however, are 100% centered on PC and new generation systems.

Wasteland 3: The Story, World, and Characters (Behind the Scenes)

three years in Xbox Game Studios

The purchase of INSIDE by Xbox was one more of the alluvium of acquisitions from the company led by Phil Spencer in 2018, which also included other masters of the Role Gender: Obsidian Entertainment. Of the latter there are already a record of its nearest project: Avowed, the obsidian version of The Elder Scrolls. Now it is only necessary to wait to know what exactly Brian Fargo works and his team.