The popular Mobile Baseball Games’ Com2us Pro Baseball 2021 (Company 2021) will proceed to social contribution campaigns to support baseball dream trees.

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This campaign is part of the Social Contribution Project of the ‘Future Hope’ Social Contribution Project of Com2us to support the growth and development of future generations, and is a form of creating a donation through a mission achievement event that is commonly participating in.

The State of the Hope, which will be about three weeks, will participate through simple gameplay if it is a user who plays ‘compilation 2021’. Users can earn a certain number of stars on a certain number of missions during the event period during the event period, and if the number of stars of all participants is achieving a number of stars, a deregulation for baseball dream trees is delivered.

In addition, if all users have done to a certain goal, each step is to present a popular game item such as ‘Same Choice Pack’, ‘Single Year Selection Pack’, and the accumulated results of each individual Add the finest game items such as ‘100% Platinum Cap’, ‘Unique Ability Change’.

Through this campaign, the fulfillment is expected to be used to purchase the Winter Training Equipment for the ‘Mentor Baseball Team’ operated by the Baseball Foundation.

More details on this event can be found through the Compute 2021 official café.