A New Marvel MMO Game Is Coming
Amy Henning (born August 19, 1964) is an American video game director and also scriptwriter, formerly for the computer game firm Naughty Dog. She began her job in the market on the Nintendo Enjoyment System, with her style launching on the Super Nintendo Amusement System game Michael Jordan: Mayhem in the Windy City. She later on went to work for Crystal Characteristics, working mostly on the Heritage of Main series (which she considers her best accomplishment). With Naughty Dog, she worked mostly on the JAK and also Baxter and also Uncharted collection.
Henning thinks that the innovative direction of a manuscript holds much more relevance than the graphics of the game. She has been called among the most significant females in the computer game industry by Side magazine.

The future looks like… Marvel. The popular comic brand wants to handle the games as well as with his films and series. We expect many new games from the Marvel Universe.

Below the continuation of the great spider-man adventure from Sony, a marvel tactic game of the COM maker and a still unknown single player game, written by the Uncharted author Amy Henning. On top of that Wolverine will spend its own appearance.

Marvel gets its own MMORPG

But that does not seem to be enough. The Marvel brand is booming and that needs to be used. For those who miss something multiplayer action in the previously announced titles, they are welcome.

Recently, a AAA MMORPG based on a Marvel-IP was officially announced. This gave the Swedish video game holding company END Global 7 in her quarterly investor presentation.

The project is developed by the American Dimensional Ink Studios. The studio has already gained some experience with comic MMOs, because it is responsible for DC Universe Online.

Experience will also bring the head of the project, Jack Emmett, because he was designer at the superhero MMO City of heroes and is currently heading the DC Universe online team.

Further details can not be taken from the investor presentation so far. The information so far can already give a small idea of ​​what a game we can expect.

Can you imagine how the Marvel MMORPG will look like?

From Dina Makovich

29.11.2021 at 11:42