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While the multiplayer Halo Infinite is already available at this time, there are those who prefer to wait until December to enjoy their campaign for a single player. If you are one of them, then you will be happy to know that 343 Industries already revealed exact schedules for its launch.

Via Twitter, authors of this anticipated title revealed the exact time when the campaign will be unlocked for the different regions of the planet:

If you live in Mexico, you can enjoy the campaign from 12pm on December 8, while some players at United States can start playing since 10am from that same day. Here are the schedules:

— California, United States — 10am

— Lima, Peru — 1pm

— Bogotá, Colombia — 1pm

— New York, United States -1pm

— San Juan, Puerto Rico — 2pm

— Caracas, Venezuela — 2pm

— Santiago de Chile — 3pm


— Buenos Aires, Argentina — 3pm

— Madrid, Spain — 7pm

Here at Atomic We already had a chance to play a portion of its Single-Player section, and we leave you with the link to that video where we talk about this element of the game with much more detail.

HALO INFINITE Dugout for consoles Xbox and PC The next December 8.

Editor’s note: Surely there will be a lot of people enjoying your campaign as soon as it was unlocked. But on the other hand, there will also be those who can not care less and with being able to play their online section is more than enough for them.