The online crane game Molly. Online operated by Ion Fantasy Co., Ltd. is a collaboration with Color Co., Ltd. Morley Online Limited Prize Game of Lower Illustration Goods Informed.

Ion Fantasy Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiba City, President, Representative Director: Fujiwara Sonya, Below, the Company) operated by the online crane game (Morley Online) is Color Corporation (Head Office: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director: A collaboration with Tag aka) as a fourth bullet, the TUBER / Virtual River Group Fijians, Drawing Illustration Goods Morley Online Limited Prize Game Expansion To do.

China Fully drawn illustration goods 4 items in Molly. Online Limited

This time, Fijians and Morley’s collaboration, which is the fourth bullet, Fiji River China River Tapestry, Cushion, Acrylic keyholder, Acrylic Stand A total of 4 items of Acrylic stand Expand. Illustration is a popular illustrator Piano Abase (@ Osman 111). Limited goods will start deploying on Sorry online from 18:00 on November 26 (Fri).

Fijians x Collaboration Game Prize Overview

Molly Morin - Processing Community Day 2019
Deployment date:
From 18:00 on November 26, 2021

Expand Location:
Online crane game
Cushion, Tapestry, Acrylic Stand, Acrylic keyholder
A total of 4 items

※ In addition, the prizes that earned were expected to be shipped in the convenience of manufacture after April 2022.

Morley Online Limited Fijians collaboration China Organ Flower Prize Game Prize

Fijians Shiina Feeling Cushion
38 cm × Yoko 40 cm × thickness 10 cm, made of polyester.

Fijians China Mahoney Tapestry
70.7 cm × Yoko 50 cm, made of suede dough.

Fijians China Daisuke Acrylic Key Ring All 4 kinds
7 cm × Yoko 7 cm.

Fijians China Okinawa Acrylic Stand All 5
Assembling: Life Illustration Height about 8 cm. SD illustration 7.5 cm.

China Fully Signed Illustration Tapestry Held Twitter Campaign Held

Morley Online Official Twitter (@mollyonline of) followed by Sorry Online Official Twitter, and from the person who had a retweeted for a designated tweet, I will give you a lottery to China Organized Signed Illustration Tapestry. Please check the Sorry Online Official Twitter for details.

Application period:
November 25th, 2021 (Thu) 16:00 to December 6 (Mon) 23:59

Morley Fantasy Official Twitter: of

China Fully

A first-grader of Kansas dialect who loves the game. She is actually a spiritual person.
She is my pace character, she is not worrying about around.
Furthermore, she is that reason, she is often taken to various spirits, and her body is removed.

· YouTube: 4txjqecqox5uc05ncxpxg
· Twitter: siina

About the project

Fijians is a TUBER / Virtual River project to which a wide variety of influencers belong, and for the purpose of accelerating the next generation of entertainment through sales, music production, etc. is. As of March 2021, approximately 100-person rivals are active in their own individuality, and are active on video delivery platforms such as YouTube.

About Color Corporation

NEXT ENTERTAINMENT FACTORY- Magic, new experience. —
Color Co., Ltd. is an entertainment-based startup established on May 2, 2017. We will spend magic on the daily routine of people in the world, as the new era cut role accelerated by the Entertainment Economic Sphere.

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