With the Football Landesverband Brandenburg (FLB), another national association sends his clubs into the winter break. The association classifies a proper conduct of the game operation and the associated short-term organization for compliance with the 2G regulation by the clubs as unreasonable, explains the FLB the step. For now, it is planned to interrupt the playing time in all ages until 31st December. Officially, under the roof of the FLB this year, four mandatory games would have made. In 2022, the game operation should then be resumed depending on the respective frag mental centers. Already, the FLB announced that, if necessary, with the required 2G regulation, if necessary, it is important in that it is still important until then. The training operation is not affected. This is clear to the associations among the 2G conditions referred to in the current contamination regulation.

First, it should be noted that we have given us the opportunity to continue football sport under changed conditions in all ages and levels of the association, FLB President Jens Baden is quoted on the homepage of the Landesverband. Nevertheless, he could not hide his disappointment that, in turn, a decision of the political level had been made without involving the association in advance with respect or hearing. Due to the short term, from which these measures apply, the permitted game operation is difficult, which is also due to the different vaccination status of players inside and referees. The vaccination rate in Brandenburg is currently 61.8 percent.

Furthermore, Baden says, For the nearly 100,000 members and the many other volunteers, the week after week the training and organizing the games for the weekends, it is neither possible nor responsibilities with this short lead time to the upcoming game weekend, the now applicable provisions in the current status quo to implement or transfer this hurdle to the clubs. Permitted inquiries would be in the room, clarifying explanations are missing, and it is simply unreasonable to implement it by the voluntary associations in the brevity of the time as determinant and justifiable. We are aware of this concern, nevertheless the concern about the health of the people and the common hard fight against the virus, concludes the FLB president.

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