EGO Shooter or Ego shooter (from Ancient Greek ἐγώ Ego or New Greek εγώ Ego and Latin ego I as well as English shooter shooting video game ; English First-person shooter, abbreviated FPS) are a category of video game in which the player from the ECOPEPECTIVE In an openly walkable, three-dimensional video game globe, various other players or computer-controlled opponents fight with weapons. The player guided by the player is human or human-like. Ego shooter is a word development from the German-speaking world, in the English-speaking area one speaks from the First-person shooter.

As My. Games reports, the Tactical Online Shooter World Tactical Online Shooter World developed by The Farm 51 will be moved to the Closed Beta phase 3 on 25 November. So that all players can start punctually at the start of the closed beta running until March 2022, the publisher recommends the Preloader possible from today. At the same time, you can notify that you will switch to free-to-play to start the Open Beta.

The multiplayer action developed by the get-even creators (Beta evaluation: 85%), among other things, on realistic elements in the areas of ballistics and physics as well as team-based disputes on cards that are on real locations such as Warsaw, Berlin or Moscow orientate. After the success of the so-called veteran alpha test in September, WORLD would like 3 with its tactical action and enriched with a variety of optimizations, etc., present at the performance of an even larger audience.

World War 3 - Official Beta Pack Trailer

The Closed Beta is available to all players who have one of the pre-order packages for World 3 or acquired the title during the original early access publication (i.e., every purchase before 4 October 2021). As it is further, the early enrollment veterans also get a thank you for your support in the form of an exclusive item pack as well as a Lieutenant pack in the total value of 43.99 euros. These can be requested by the players on the official site by logging in to your Steam account.