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Anyone who regularly and long online games has often come and have seen many people. Sometimes friends just disappear so and do not come online anymore. Now there is a gamer cemetery on which you can take the disappeared mood.

What exactly is that? So Manager It sounds: The Gamer Graveyard is exactly that — a virtual cemetery for gamers. Accordingly, it is also held in the retro style of the 8-bit games, including matching music reminiscent of Game Boy times.

What is that good? Who spends a lot of time in online games like MMOs often builds virtual friendships. But sometimes it may happen that people, with whom you play over months or even maybe years, just disappear.

The cemetery is aimed primarily at the survivors who want to mourn their disappeared friends: The final resting place for all poor souls, who have swept the back to the gaming for more important things. Bring your friends here to let them know that they are missing online.

The site itself refers to high at evening as part of the étagère. So the real side looks out:

Press F to pay respect

Playing A Game WIth No Players Online...
This works: It’s pretty simple, such a resting place to build. You just have to go to the appropriate page (via Gamermarteyard.GG).

There you can just select the Bury A Friend option.
Then give her the player name and the day the person has disappeared.
In addition, you can choose a grave inscription.

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Finally, you can still select an optional theme.
Then you just have to click on Bury for buried.

If you want to visit the grave again, you must simply enter the username of the person in the search function.

Of course, you can just hike over the cemetery and look at the Eternal halls of the immortals the graves of the disappeared gamers. To pay respect, you just have to press F. Then you ignite a little candle on the grave.

For a grave, no player has completely disappeared or died. Everyone whose activity decreases in the respective game could get such a grave.

What is the meaning behind it? Ultimately, the whole thing is also a great promotion for Opera GO, which is marketed as a browser for gamer. Interestingly, the page in other browsers has smaller display problems. (via

In any case, it is a creative, but also faceable marketing action. It is also possible that the cemetery is abused for pranks. After all, you can just leave everything and everyone.