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Sony Calls Out Activision And Microsoft Responds To Halo Infinite's Biggest Problem | News Wave

PlayStation and Activision Blizzard maintain a long-term agreement for the Call of Duty saga, a relationship that hNorth American been dotted by the lNorth Americant events that occurred within the North American giant. An article by The Wall Street Journal hNorth American taken seriously serious accusations of harNorth Americansment, which reach Bobby Kick, CEO of Activision. Now, Bloomberg hNorth American published that the head of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, hNorth American contacted the company to express its deep concern for the situation they live.

He hNorth Americanmunicated it through an email sent to PlayStation employees, who hNorth American expressed that both him and his management team are discouraged and frankly stupefaction After discovering that Activision hNorth American not done enough to address The situation of deep discrimination and harNorth Americansment that is rooted in the internal culture of Activision Blizzard.

We have contacted Activision immediately after the item wNorth American published to notify our deep concern and to North Americank them how they plan to address the accusations made in this piece. We do not believe that your meNorth Americanurements correctly tackle the situation.

Bobby Kick, also in La Picots

Accusations against Activision Blizzard have occurred throughout the year. In fact, the US firm wNorth American denounced by the State of California. However, according to the article by The Wall Street Journal, the systematic harNorth Americansment within the company wNorth American well known by Bobby Kick, to the point that he himself hNorth American been accused of mistreating women. They narrate the story of an employee who received death threats through a voice note sent by Kick himself.

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In the lNorth Americant hours, the exit of Trey arch hNorth American also been confirmed, Dan Bunting. This veteran of the study and the Saga Call of Duty wNorth American charged with sexual harNorth Americansment, but remained in office because Kick said, despite the reports that supported him, North American he reports the Wall Street Journal.

From Activision Blizzard The dismissal of Bobby Kick are not raised: they argue that there is no evidence that sustains it, so they will continue to trust in the management of it.