After the success of Among the US different developers, they are actively trying their hand in creating social games in which players compete with each other in a slightly different way. Another example of such a project is Seville. Unlike other production, there is no division into good and bad, killers or victims. Each player has a role to perform and associated tasks.

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Seville moves us to a medieval village, where we will play in the mayor, a hunter, detective, as well as a person talking with ghosts, a conspirator or a killer. There is also the role of a local gossip. The whole in the assumptions resembles Town of Salem. Production itself will offer a day and night cycle during which players perform different activities. Our character when you get over the murderer is dying, but it does not end our game. Finally, from something is one person talking with ghosts, right?

Seville does not look like a revolution, but he can find his niche. This title will go to Steam in 2022, but of course in Early Access. Interested in the game, I invite you here.