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One more week in the beats of GTA Online, we will hoard all the protagonism and on this occasion the blow to The Diamond Casino is the one that takes all the protagonism. More than anything because thanks to him, you will get during the next few days Red T-Shirt The Diamond red, as we are going to explain in the next guide.

How to get gratis the red The Diamond T-Shirt and Declare Burrito de Bugstars

A long time ago an expansion was launched for the GTA V multiplayer in which the goal was Assault the casino The Diamond Casino & Resort. It is said that an armored truck has delivered a diamond hole in its vault, so your goal will be to do this place and take a good handful of stones with an incalculable value.

Only for this fact would already be worthwhile to carry out the robbery, but it will be your goal to complete the final phase. More than anything because it will be necessary if you want to receive the red The Diamond T-shirt. Of course, you will have time for it until November 24.

However, you will be able to wait until December 2, since it will not be until then when it will become your up to the next 72 hours after having started session. Also, it will not be the only thing you can add to the collection, because if you pass by War stock Cache & Carry you will give free the Declare Burrito de Bugstars.

The vehicle in question is one of those that is precisely supported in this blow, as it appears in the work of jewelry, during the main campaign of GTA V.

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