Yeshivas Hosoda (細谷 佳正, Hosoda Yeshivas?, Gnocchi, Hiroshima Prefecture, February 10, 1982) is a Japanese voice and also vocalist actor. A few of his most outstanding functions are that of Cynosure Kurosawa in Sancho WA Mid-sea!, Junta Huge in Kursk No Base, Semi in No. 6, Ash Gunman in Haiku !!, Solute Yamazaki in Free!, Racer Braun in Singer Kaolin and also Poppy Tunisia in Bingo Stray Dogs. He has actually been decorated along with his coworker, Ken CHI Bujumbura, with the Best cast honor at the 10th ceremony of Says Honors.

In April 2017, Hosoda introduced with the ENSAI Gunship radio program that he would take a brief remainder as a voice star. The reason had been a hassle with his throat, having the purpose of solving him before completion of the year and also thus have the ability to go back to him. The same details was after that published on your individual site. Took Mae no was the one who replaced it in his duty as Hokum Hid aka in the Franchise Ensemble Stars!. Actor Kenosha Ono did it in his role of Healed Yakima in the Icemen franchise Senior: Loki To Baker Ga KOI Wei Hajimaranai. Finally, Hosoda resumed its activities August 2017, being introduced in the ENSAI Gunship Radio Program of the Entail A & G +.

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