Project Awakening looks pretty impressive in the first trailers. Nothing has changed, the game looks perfect in the latest graphics showcase. But otherwise we only know very little about the title. The Action-RPG was announced in 2018 and should actually appear for the PS4. Meanwhile, a PS5 release becomes more and more likely. Look at the new video.

Project awakening looks graphically impressive in the latest video

New video looks perfect: The people behind Project Awakening do not how new information about the game, but there is a new video to admire. This shows the graphics engine Cyclists in action. To see are especially densely covered landscapes, lighting moods in forests, but also far-reaching views.

It s best to look at the whole thing yourself:

Action RPG - Project Awakening Demo Graphics Tech Video
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Unfortunately, the graphics splendor can often do not unfold the graphic splendor, so you can watch the video here on streamable in a little better quality. But even so can only be guessed how well that has to look in 4k. If Project Awakening actually looks like this, we can look forward to a real graphic treat.

What is Project Awakening? Project Awakening is actually quite different, the previous name is merely the working title. The game was announced in 2018 on the Tokyo Game Show, and it should be an action RPG. The first trailer has already made a lot of desire for more:

A year later, there was a few more information, but since then it has already become suspicious of the project again. In an interview it was said that the Action RPG should also be playable in the coop and may also appear for the PS5. In addition, an Open World with high fantasy setting was promised. You ll find more about it here:

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Remains only to hope that this new sign of life now means that we will soon learn a little more about the promising project. Maybe it is also slowly approaching its completion. On the other hand, it was already meant that that was probably a long time for a while and that is of course right for large, extensive Open World titles.

What do you think of the short video? Is the anticipation of Project Awakening?