Touches birthday event: Xbox celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the launch of its first console, which in the United States was November 15, 2001, with an issue addressed to fans and in which the history of the console will be held.

In Xbox Wire there is more information about the event, we know that it will not help to announce new games: Matt Booty confirmed it a month ago, perhaps to prepare the terrain and avoid surprises.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration Livestream

But perhaps if you are announced EVENTS GAMES, as you have led to suspect the mysterious activity that you have experienced some Xbox 360 games in the last days or the return of some classics from the first Xbox to the digital store. The great rumor, of course, is that of the early launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer, one of the most commented topics of recent days: according to different sources, Microsoft could post by surprise the expected multiplayer mode of the new halo during the event, as well As a demo of the campaign to which journalists supposedly have already had access journalists and influencers.