The NPD Group has released its data for video game software and hardware sales in the United States for October 2021.

Far Cry 6 Review

The best-selling game of the month was no surprise with Far Cry 6. It led the software charts both on the PlayStation and on the Xbox and became the eight best-selling game of the year right away. Second place is back 4 Blood, both in the PlayStation and the Xbox charts.

Metro id Dread debuted on the third place was the best-selling switch game of the month and achieved the highest sales figures of a metro id game in the start month. The start sales are almost twice as high as that of Metro id Prime, which previously held this record.

There are also a number of other new releases found in the Top 10 Software Charts, including Demon Slayer -times No Yield — The Hindokami Chronicles on Fifth Square, Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy on Seventh Square, Mario Party Superstars On the eighth place and NHL 22 on the ninth place.

As far as the hardware is concerned, the PlayStation 5 was the dominant console in September, but the Nintendo Switch has again set to the top thanks to the introduction of Switch OLED. It was the best-selling console of the month, both in terms of the units sold and on the sales achieved.

The Switch is still the best-selling console of the year 2021 with respect to the units sold, while the PlayStation 5 remains at the top of this year in terms of US dollar sales.