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Anyone who begins a battlefield game in Hearthstone is put a very important choice directly to the start of the game: the hero selection. A funny round elementary with Chenvaala, Marlon action with Flag or servant claw with Tess? For some, the choice of hero at the fun factor of heroic ability, who wants to achieve the best possible placement in the end, looks at the available servants and how the up to four suggested heroes could cut off.

Anyone looking at the battlefield data from Replay.net will see that popular heroes, who are often chosen, not rarely cut off in the average placement but not so well. In the following we take a look at this overheated heroes, about whose selection you should think twice about the start.

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  1. 1Hearthstone: These battlefield heroes are overestimated
  2. 1.1Tess and Chenvaala
  3. 1.2BRANN and ZEPHYRUS

3. 1.3am most overestimated — Reno Jackson
4. 1.4Galacrond, trading principle Gallows and Kept n Glubbuchge

Hearthstone: These battlefield heroes are overestimated

Tess and Chenvaala

Nothing is more fun than with Chenvaala to collect the elementals, to have relocated in front of everyone else super low on Gasthausstufe 6 and dominate the game. But if Bob simply does not want to get out of elementals out, it looks bad for you. Chenvaala is chosen by players 36.2%, but the average placement is 4.92 and thus currently animal 4 in the ranking of all heroes. For a fun round, the elementary hero may cause who wants to increase his chance of top 4 placement, but selects other heroes.

Similarly, it looks at Tess Gray teeth. With her heroic ability, she steals the servants of the opponents and can come to Triples so fast. But if no one plays what you looked at the beginning or just scaling opponents better, it is almost as if you would play without heritability. The thieving is chosen to 27.8%, but on average place 4,98. Tess and Chenvaala are among the most overestimated heroes because they are chosen for the fun factor.

Brain and Zephyrs

With his revised heroic ability Brain gets himself as a servant when he played enough fighting climes minions. Here RNG plays a role and the amount of battle cry servants in the pool plays a role. It usually works really well if you crack the Marlon jackpot. Menagerie builds are difficult to implement and are no longer the nonplus ultra in the current metagame. But many can be enchanted by Brain: 33.3% of the players choose at the hero election for the adventurous dwarf, his average placement is 4,75 and thus almost he last place in animal 3 of the Hero rankings.

Just as in Tier 3 and a place behind Brain is Zephyrs. Many players can be easily dripping from the possibility. 31.8% choose at the hero election for the magician, land on average but on 4,76.

Most overestimated — Reno Jackson

Somehow triplet on animal 4 quickly and with luck get a matching Tier-5 servant, which is gilded with Reno s heroic ability to build around his team. That s the plan of many players. The shot goes backwards. Reno is chosen by all heroes after good picks like Master Nguyen and the three new heroes like Needs by far the most (59.2%), but cuts on 4.55 AB and is considered animal 3 heroes.

Alarcón, trading principle Gallows and Kept n Glubbuchge

These three heroes are also bait as you say so beautiful. Well, in the statistics that s true. The random effect decides whether you will have a good match with Alarcón, Gallows and the Pirate Hero Gauche. In addition, Alarcón and Gallows have hero capabilities that are not so easy to handle, because they especially deviate greatly in the first trains and by the alleging style.

Camp n Glubschwüchge does not make it quite in animal 2 of the hero ranking and is chosen by players to 42.8%, hoping that enough and the right pirates in Bob s inn. On average, the Captain cuts on 4.51. Alarcón is chosen to 43.1% and usually puts 4,64. The greedy Goblin Gallows is similarly chosen (39.9%) and cuts exactly as bad as of Alarcón.

What is your favorite hero on the battlefield and which hero makes her for a fun game of other good heroes? Write us in the comments!

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