For six years, the FI MST person horror game is already in development. The Serbian developer team EBB software took a lot before with Scorn s organic world, which obviously by the artist H.R. Is inspired. In 2017, the developers also started a corresponding Kickstarter action with which they collected 150,000 euros.

They were also successful, because it was collected with 192,487 euros more than the target. Nevertheless, it was recently known that the release of the horror title has been moved to 2022. This led to that many fans complained and in turn had an unfriendly response of the Developer.

Scorn Dev Apologizes for Scornful Delay Announcement - IGN Daily Fix

What happened?

After more revenue has been made by the Kickstarter action than was actually estimated, fans hoped that EBB software would have collected the necessary resources to complete the development. Originally, Scorn should also have appeared 2021, but once again moved from the developers.

Many fans then turned to the developers, especially those who had given their money at the Kickstarter. They said that there had been no update to the status of the game since October 2020 and wanted to know why the release will take place only 2022.

The reply of the Developer

Scorns Developers answered the questions of the fans in a long message in the update forum of their Kickstarter page. The message begins, with explanations about the problems that the team has encountered in the development of the game. However, in a request to Kickstarter supporters, simply request a refund should be dissatisfied.

And finally a little friendly advice: If the lack of communication bothers you so much, just ask for a refund of the purchase price and let it be good. It s just a game. You can play it when it comes out when it comes out Then be interested.

Developers have to marginal

The end of the news came over to many supporters. In fact, they demanded after refunds, which went so far that the team lost significant revenue. Then, the Creative Director of Scorn Ljubomir Polar pace and apologized in a new message to the fans.

My name is Ljubomir Polar, and I am the CEO of EBB software and also the creative head of the game. I take full responsibility for the last update that you received yesterday from our KS. I have the draft update quickly and casually read and approved it. When reading again, I realized that the hostile tone in which it was written, should not be the way we should express ideas or plans to people who help us. We like tired, confused and frustrated be about our own inability, but there is no reason to make you. For that I personally apologize for that, I will do my best to do not repeat such breakouts.

EBB software promises better communication

The Kickstarter supporters caught the apology mostly very positively and got a few days later another Developer update, in which Ljubomir talks about the further course of development and necessary changes in communication.

One of the biggest changes will be a monthly Developer Deep Dive. Monthly Post will be shared with the Kickstarter community and include developing progress updates, Sneak Peeks from In-Game Assets, Q & AS, and Spotlights to various features or roles within the studio.

The first update can expect the Kickstarter members already in December. He also assumed that the team will soon be able to share more trailers, news and content with the world.

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Would you require a refund or would you wait until the Developer has completed his vision to perfection?

From Dina Makovich
10.11.2021 at 14:26