Through an open letter made public through its social networks, the grouping of workers abetterubisoft has pointed out that during the last 100 days, and despite their promises, the company has ignored its four key lawsuits: 100 days we signed an open letter, and we established our four key demands. None of our demands has been served. So today we launched a new petition, open for all our supporters to sign ». The workers have remembered that it is already 16 months since the first cases of harassment were uncovered in the Company and since it was prepared a strategic route to completely renew the Human Resources Department: You have not provided us with any date or no timeline In relation to the moment when these changes will occur, write.

The four key lawsuits of Ubisoft employees require the company to stop moving between studies and teams known to aggressors, without another type of repercussion for their behavior, and establish a seat for a workers representative in The executive. They also ask that the Company leads to an agreement between different studies with the aim of creating a guide on how to deal with abuses for the future and that workers who are not in management or power are involved in their elaboration, as well as members of the Union: You have disappointed us, Guillemot. Surely you can do better », you twites the group with reference to internal promises made by the CEO.

Mass Protest Within Ubisoft Grows After Activision Blizzard Cave To Employee Demands

It is not the first time that this group of workers openly criticizes the empty promises of Ubisoft. Four months ago, Abetterubisoft published his first letter for the public, pointing out that in a year there had been no effort to combat the toxic culture within the company: We want to make very clear that we take this letter, and the problems it poses, seriously. During the past year, we are committed to getting involved with our employees to implement a fundamental change, Ubisoft responded at the time. The case against Ubisoft can be followed in this link.