It is certainly no secret that New World is currently probably one of the hottest iron in the MMO fire. Although the first major wave of euphoria is now slightly flattened, more than 300,000 players in the online world are logged into the online world.

But does the horizon appear at the horizon with Ashes of Creation? Is it the first New World Killer ? At least some fans who have encouraged a discussion in the official forum.

What is Ashes of Creation actually?

Ashes of Creation is also an online role-playing game that is currently being built at the Intrepid Studios and was originally funded via Kickstarter. Similar to New World, the events in a huge fantasy world is located. Nevertheless, there are some important differences.

Ashes of Creation, Ashes of Creation sets a subscription model typical for the MMO genre, in which player — similar to World of Warcraft \ — have to pay a monthly fee. This is at New World (Buy Now €39.99) is not the case. In addition, the world should develop dynamically based on the actions of the players.

Thus, strongly populated villages can grow into cities, which in turn unlocks certain events. The interaction between players and game world should be stronger in focus.

Is Ashes of Creation actually a threat to New World?

Despite these differences, the two titles in the same genre, of course, compete for the favor of the player. However, at least in the near future, it is probably not a direct duel. As already some fans in the official forum have recognized correctly, the Launch of Ashes of Creation is far from afar.

Only recently, an alpha test took place, with a release is expected at the earliest in 2022. Based on the current status of the game, it may probably take until 2023 or even 2024. There are also the slightly different approaches as well as the subscription model that could scare some prospects.

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