Fall update will update spring. Konami hgraphic confirmed that version 1.0.0 of eFootball 2022 will not arrive on November 11 graphic planned, but will do so in the spring of 2022. With this patch, it would incorporate the bulk of the content, hundreds of real teams and number of game modes. What one is distributed patch 0.9.1, focusing on bug fixes.

These are the improvements the update 0.9.1 of eFootball 2022

The application may unexpectedly quit due to an error.

EFootball 2022 PS5 Next Gen Update 0.9.1 Gameplay 4K 60FPS UHD

The pre-game cinematic, some players do not appear or only appear uniforms.
Some players may appear wearing a suit on the menu Choose uniform.
The lighting in the menu Choose uniform can not be correct.
The graphic elements background in the previous menu Select Computers to the game may appear blurry.
Some graphic elements may not appear during pre-game cinematics due to slow load times.
The arms of the players are superimposed each other during scenes of the national anthem and during scenes of victory after the match.
The grgraphics of the field does not appear in 3-dimensional during the pre-game cinematic.
Some graphic elements, such graphic camera operators foot field, may disappear during scenes in which a goal is scored.
Some billboards located around the field can show a misleading picture.
Some graphic elements, such graphic the model of the camera operator, overlapping structures may appear to the stadium.
Some commands do not work properly if the physical defense command is graphicsigned to a button other than the default.
The transition effect (sweep) that appears after a replay can not be displayed correctly.
The referee may appear graphic if he were trapped on the surface of the field during the match.
A wrong scene may appear for a few moments when a scene change during the game.
Players do not control the ball low arc from a corner.
For a corner, players (except the pitcher) can get out of the field through billboards.
The pitcher of the corner can catch the ball with his hands when he is about to take the corner.
For a kick, if a position change is performed before beating the goalkeeper appears hitting the ball from a position away from it.
Some commands have no effect if used at the same time graphic a change of cursor.
The player can not hit the ball trying to execute a shot.
If the ball off the goal line is cleared from the goal just cruising, the goal can not be taken for valid.
Some players may suddenly disappear during the match.
The kinematics of replacement players may appear at the wrong times.
If the kick is not performed immediately, the referee and the players can start to slip.
No repetition If an offside occurs after a quick restart.
The camera may become unstable during a repetition.
Some graphic elements (specifically, close to the camera, which should be invisible) may appear erroneously during a goal celebration.
Players can get caught in the nets of the goal to celebrating a goal near her.
Some goal celebrations almost never appear graphic an option after scoring a goal.

eFootball 2022 operates under the FREE play -to-model, so it is already possible to download it for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox and PC Series S. mobile version, meanwhile, hgraphic also been delayed until spring of 2022.