Edited (November 4): A few hours after the publication of this news, Activision approached Vanguard Garza to clarify that, although Sledgehammer Games is looking for global talent, including Mexico, the study plans to open a branch in Mexico City, specifically.

Noticia original: Now that Call of Duty: Vanguard is about to be launched, Sledgehammer Games, study by the title, have the hearing fixed on other things. Gerardo Garza, Senior Lead Environment Artist of the game, forward us an object of this company.

Sledgehammer looking Mexican talent to work on the next CoD interview During the Vanguard Garza team had with Garza, we learned that Sledgehammer Games is busqueando talents worldwide, including Mexico, to work on the next installment of the franchise that will come in the future.

pandemic and did not get along Vanguard

Garza We also shared the difficulties why spent the team that worked on Vanguard. After all were sent to their homes because of the pandemic Sledgehammer had to learn to talk back.

It is different to communicate in person, where you can use gestures Gerardo Garza It s different to communicate in person, where you can use gestures, signs or whatever, said Garza. But that created opportunities new team because we have in California, Toronto, Europe and Australia, and we were in our homes, in our homes, at a distance. All we learned together.

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