The Zevent again took place and over 50 French streamers took over € 10 million in about 50 hours. How did he do that and what is behind it, you will learn from Meinmmo.

What happened? In about two days, the French Streamer Adrien Zerator NouGaret was able to take around 10 million euros together with Streamer colleague Alexandre roof. The two also had support from over 40 other streamers and Youtubern. The common money will also donate you completely and do not pull profit from it.

The donations were taken as part of the ZEvent, which takes place once a year in France. This charity event takes funds from spectators and often streamers to help aid organizations under their arms.

Broken the own record again: So much was donated

So many donations came together: This year, the two streamers broke their own record again. With exactly 10,064,480 € you can almost double the revenue from last year.

Revenues of all ZEVENTS:

2017: 170.770 €
2018: 451.851 €
2019: 3,510.810 €
2020: 5,724.377 €
2021: 10.064.480 €

In 2019, the zevent made it into the headlines because it broke here a twitch record: most of the donations in a single stream. Since then, the streamer succeeds the amount almost to double each year.

The French President Emmanuel Macron also switched on to the event and congratulated all participants and organizers for this incredible amount.

Where are the donations going? This year s Zevent gather donations for Amnesty International, Doctors Ohn Borders and Save the Children. The streamers promise that each cent arrives there and they themselves do not benefit from revenue.

This streamer helped especially: After the famous Fortnite Streamer Ninja had already donated € 26,000 in 2019, the largest single donation in 2021 comes from the US streamer Pokimane. She donated $ 10,000. The streamer thanked her via Twitter.

Immediately after the donation was seen on the monitors, the streamer was literally out. They could not thank the streamer. This exists a clip, the pokimane with: This clip is pure charisma! Described.

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When will the next event start? So far, the event was always broadcast between September and November. Exceptions to this is that of all the first event in 2016, which was transferred in March. So you can watch again looking forward to a fall edition 2,022th


If there is to the effect further information, we will update this article.

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