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Epic Games has begun an interesting promotion with which you can get a series of cosmetics totally free by buying a series of licensed physical items at certain stores from several countries, and we tell you exactly how this promotion works for you to take directly the accessory Backpacking durried.

It should be clarified that thanks to this promotion you will get totally free the Backpacker Accessory El Durrarrarrarrarrar, which will later be available in the store for your purchase, so if you can not take it for free, you can buy it later.

If you are to acquire official Fortnite physical products you will take this new backpacking accessory very easy that the truth that you look great, and that you can try before your friends.

codes to exchange the new accessory durried in fortnite

Date of promotion

The promotion will begin on November 1 and will be available until January 15, 2022, although the codes will be valid until January 15, 2023.

What do you have to do to favor the promotion

Simply what you should do is buy an official physical Fortnite product that has an official license as the pelevant cards or the pack of legends of mint, in the stores enabled in the promotion. For you to recognize it, all items with official license have the label Licensed official product, less the sale of turkeys.

When you buy these physical items in the stores that we are going to mention, the codes to unlock this backpacking accessory will appear on the receipts since November 1, this year until January 15, 2022.

stores that participate in the promotion

Arrocha: Panama
Best Buy: United States
Big Bang: Slovenia
BT Games: South Africa
Carrefour: Spain
CRG Toys: Costa Rica
CVS®: United States (not valid at Pharmacies CVS Pharmacy® Target stores)
Don Quijote: Japan
EB Games: Australia, New Zealand
EB Games / Gamestop: Canada
El Corte Inglés: Spain
Empik: Poland
FNAC: Spain
Game: Spain, United Kingdom
Game Mania: Belgium, Netherlands
Game4u: South Africa
Gamers: Japan
Games: Serbia
Gamestop: Germany, Ireland, Italy, United States
Geek Nation: Baréin, Kuwait, Oman, Tasting, United Arab Emirates
Geekay Group: Baréin, Kuwait, Oman, Tasting, United Arab Emirates
Igabiba: Slovenia
JB HI FI: Australia
Kiddyland: Japan
Konzolvil: Hungary
Marui: Japan
Micro Romania: France
Mighty Ape: New Zealand
Mode: South Africa
Ozone: Bulgaria
Public: Greece
River: Brazil
Smartoys: Belgium, Netherlands
Stephanis: Cyprus
Takealot: South Africa
Tsutaya: Japan
Villange Vanguard: Japan
Worte: Portugal
Toys R US: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
Znage: Slovenia

How to redeem the code

Once you have the code in the purchase receipt you will have to access the next official reclaim of rewards and enter it when you have entered your Fortnite account.

It should be noted that all the backpacking accessory codes will only appear on the receipts of the physical items. You must be aware that if you buy online, Fortnite packets are going to be sold only on digital, and would not enter the promotion, so that you have it into account.

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