Football Manager is the commercial name with which it is known to the continuation of the Championship Manager saga, which includes a series of video games of football management, in which the player acts as a manager of a soccer team. This saga is developed by Sports Interactive, which begins to use the name Football Manager in 2004, compared to the impossibility of continuing using the original name. Football Manager 2021 is the last game of the series, went on sale on November 24, 2020, for PC, Mac, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S
In the United States and Canada, this series was sold under the name of Worldwide Soccer Manager, as well as Sega Saturn and Dreamcast versions. Those games were published by Sega, which by the way, currently publishes PC games, instead of Eidos Interactive, which publishes Championship Manager (initially also of Sports Interactive) after the division of the two companies in 2003.

The giraffe

At football you get high when you play flat. My ones who have no idea. Because this birch of a striker has a better goalquot than you, magic foot! Well, he s not as beautiful as the CR7 double, not as fast as the rocket, not as massive as the balancing bump, but he can never learn what the others have never learned: since Him his e-youth coach always the dry stone ( He called it ball), has thrown, he nods everything away, which does not fly with four over the treetops. Even then, he, three heads higher than the other ten-year-old, gives 100 goals in the season. In the meantime, in the forehead, he has more touch sensors as a blind nude mull in his wrinkled visage.

This Lulatsch has no reason to play because it would just be nonsense to demand from him, where the air will be thin, still to think of others. Especially since his team interprets him as a target player, for which extra had brought a long from football, which always welds the leather to Field Goal altitude in the opposing penalty area. That s not always nice, but effective. But that the Giraffe is now always forgetting its football boots at home, only ridden more main roles and puzzles what comes after 4: 0 is to cope. For a headache, aspirin (and all other equal active medicines are equally high-quality supplier).

The CR7 double

Football is a team sport. My ones who have no idea. Because the CR7-Double studied modern football and sequenced his DNA. Are there any people left outside, the beliefs, the Benders and Bellinghausen of this world would have some charm against the Cristianos of this world? So. While the real role model actually can actually be (dribbling, shooting, race, jumping, fit, instinct, wearing colorful shoes, paying a lot of money for fresh hairstyles), also approaches the CR7-double, celebrating in some categories (colorful Wear shoes, pay a lot of money for fresh hairstyles) also amazing achievements.

This beautiful person has no reason to play, he looks at YouTube, that it is best if you make the gates yourself. Because that brings followers to Instagram and profile clicks on the local amateur football portal. He has filmed in the garden itself and now masters all the moves that visually produce something; If a shot fails in the net, he feels deep inside the confirmation that his way is the right one. Otherwise, he secretly doubts, he drives himself everywhere on the field around, where no disturbing opponent is lunging between him and the photographer lens. Because he can escalate it, then stubborn mad and replaced himself, his teammates have long left to leave any free kick. He has done in the last 500 experiments at least that the goalkeeper was powerless; At that time he had stepped into the ground and floated under the wall. That was not an intention, but was already forgotten after the Siiiiuuuu jump stood.

The nerve bundle

The football is important above all what you can. My ones who have no idea. Because the nerve bundle can do everything. It is fast, tricky, game intelligent, and it is usually quite young. At the team election in training, it is one of those who never have to stand so long until it gets uncomfortable (and it is no later than three unpleasant, do nothing before!). On Mondays to Saturday it is good, but Sundays it will be from the time of meeting point on by minute to minute quieter. If it touches the jersey over, a blich has long since become a blessing of a cheerful dolphin.

This head of head has no reason to play, but invents: He made a stupid step, he says hobbling; There is a fly in the eye, he says tearing; The teammate is better, he says, alone in front of the keeper a 50-meter flightback back to his own half hunting. Everything brings him from the concept: dog bavings, female girs, daisies. The fear has long since realized: since he has shot over the gate in the C youth, and all laughed, the nerve lanes between foot and the brain are blocked in point games. That s what happens for many years. No one laughs long more. Until the coach takes to the end of his career, put his arm on his shoulder and says, Maybe you re just not a striker…