Since July 2021 clashes between various federal agencies of the State of California and the United States, investors from Activision Blizzard and the employees of the company smolder to himself. Every now and then one gets from a business point of having a small outbreak. Like when employees go on strike if workers are laid off, or when company faces like Fran Townsend talk about how many employees at Activision Blizzard had to go or in which case those were booked with an intolerable behavior only.

The Bobby has its say

Officially now, let October 28, 2021 sometimes Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick heard from, and within the framework of a letter to the staff, which was then immediately also made public. Kotick in writing on the basis of studies of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on what actions are taken to date in the company to become an industry leader for outstanding performances in the workplace.

Yes, this is a pretentious goal. And yes, Activision Blizzard has actually not just a lawsuit or had the neck on the neck, because the EEOC is now theoretically with.

Bobby Kotick On MINIMUM Wage! Activision-Blizzard's Force To Action

Five new initiatives

Kotick and his leadership team agree that much needs to be done to make Activision Blizzard s dream job. He mentions five specific initiatives that are carried out in the coming months. All details can be found in the original post from Kotick, but here the important keywords, so that you may form an opinion can.

  1. We carry the enterprise a new zero-tolerance policy against harassment a
  2. We will increase the proportion of women and non-binary people in our workforce by 50% and 250 million US dollars to invest to improve the opportunities for diverse talents
  3. Based on feedback from employees, we waive the mandatory arbitration of complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination.
  4. We will continue to raise the profile of pay equity.

  1. We will report regularly on our progress.

An interesting note Kotick refers to Item 4, because: Our analysis in the US found that women will earn the company in 2020, on average, slightly more than men for similar jobs, said Kotick. Whether the credit is generally meet, whether for men or women, which is of course another matter.

Shut up and take my money ?

And since we re on the subject of money, yet the message comes from Kotick, perhaps encouraging the odd smile. Here again, the entire section translated by DeepL.

And finally, I want to ensure that every available resource is used to be the industry leader in terms of job quality. Accordingly, I have asked our Board to reduce my total compensation, has found to the Board that we described the gender transformation objectives and other top have achieved commitments. Specifically, I have asked the Board to reduce my salary to the lowest amount permitted by California law for salaried employees, ie this year to 62,500 US dollars. this is a reduction of my total compensation, not only of my salary. I ask not to receive bonuses at this time or to be involved in the profits.

Look, look, the Kommissar s in town. Kotick s compensation for his position as CEO of the Mega Group in the past was often subject. As early as April 2021 Kotick was to halve his salary, of 1.75 million US dollars to only 875,000 US dollars – but including bonuses – plotted and he agreed. His base salary would thus already rather counted among the bottom 25 percent of earners the on comparable items. And now you go so again down.

Perhaps adjusts the at or another even today a the view of the ratio of content to maintenance costs question is still:. If really all that weggesparte of Kotick money used in the enterprise, to promote inclusion, transparency and equal treatment? And how long will it then take to Kotick be old content reclaims?

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