The Moroccan-Canadian Streamer Pokimane is undoubtedly one of more iconic twitch figures. With his 8.3 million followers on the Amazon platform, she brings down tens of thousands of spectators in each direct she does and not to grow by leaps and bounds for each time he performs an action. Well, it seems that the influencer wants to open its doors to many more people in the sector.

She has already been multiplying projects for several years, but the announcement that she has just made a real turning point in her s career. Pokimane has decided to wear a new hat, that of businesswoman, with the launch of her own talent agency called RTS. The goal of it will be fix what does not work in the panorama of videogames, but also in the world of esports.

Based on the past experiences of it, Pokimane does not want her to relive the problems that she herself has known in different promotions and agencies in which she has been. To support her in this adventure, the Streamer decided to surround himself from Stuart Saw (CEO) and Kim Phan (CCO), who had passed markedly by Blizzard and Endeavor. To support them, you will also have at your disposal an advisory committee with personalities of the size of Kevin Lin, the Twitch co-founder (before

RTS will work with content creators, but also with dominant brands in the world of electronic sports and videogames as Epic Games with Fortnite World Cup or Sony with EVO. All this should allow the creation of several fruitful collaborations over time and that it would be beneficial for both parties. After being successively founding member of offlinetv, winner of the prize Forbes 30 Under 30 and creator of the Scholarship UCI ESPORTS, Pokimane becomes co-founder and creative director of RTS.

I still see incredible content creators who do wonders with their content and their feed, but they do not have enough support to grow their brand and your business. (…) We are building RTS to be able to provide support, lightening the load of work and solve the problem of the creators, developers and brands. My goal is to take advantage of my years of experience and make it accessible to the new designers so that they do not have to go through the process by which I have spent..

Pokimane Announces TWITCH AND ESPORTS Talent Agency?

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