POKEMON Legends: Arceus has already presented the fans some new and exciting regional variants of the HISUI region, and a new fan theory seems to point out to the following: DunSparce. The roots of fan theory are in pokémon sword and shield Pokedex. DUNSPARCE entry in Espada Pokemon Specifically refer to a scientific theory that DunSparce used to fly through the sky in antiquity. Since pokemon legends: Arceus takes place in the distant past of the world of Pokémon, some fans have theorized that Game Freak was intentionally insinuating the new game. It certainly seems like a plausible theory!

The theory, together with the entry of Pokedex of Espada Pokemon, was shared in August by @Touyarokii on Twitter, and can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

The DunSparce entry in Sword Pokédex makes me think that we could get a Hisuian form in Pokémon Legends Arceus… pic.twitter.com/h5dqwsytjg

  • Touya! ★ (@touyarokii) August 24, 2021

Dunsparce appeared for the first time in pokémon gold and silver. Since then, some of the DunSparce Pokedex tickets have made reference to their limited capacity to fly, but the entrance in Espada Pokemon is the first reference we have seen an old variant. It is worth noting that DunSparce was not initially in Pokémon sword and shield, but it was added as part of the game isla of the DLC armor. That makes it more plausible than Game Freak was referring to the game that was in the process of development, instead of launching a random line. If it s true, it will be very interesting to see how you see this previous version of DUNSPARCE!

Of course, it is equally plausible that Game Freak has no real plans for a Hisuian version of DunSparce. As any pokémon fan can attest, tickets in pokedex can often take strange creative freedoms. The Pokedex has many facts that are never referred to outside these specific entries, or in any other aspect of the Pokémon tradition. Readers should always take the theories of fans with a grain of salt, but it would be great to see this element of esship and shield. The Pokémon Company has been revealed slowly more Hisufian variants for POKEMON legends: Arceus, so hopefully we will get an answer to this theory sooner than late.

POKEMON Legends: Arceus will be launched on January 28, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. You can check our previous game coverage here.

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