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What has the Knussy little fox monster actually done that it deserves something like that? A trailer for Pokémon legends: Arceus shows the new Hisui form of Zorua. The official Pokémon Twitter Account also revealed the background history of this pocket monster – and that really wants to elicit a skew. Here you will learn more about it.

Tragical story

It s about it: Pokémon games are among the titles that many of us play for relaxation. They simply convey good mood. But that does not mean that not yet hidden here and there a tragic story. Just ghost-Pokémon often come with a sad background. The new Hisui form of Zorua, which we can meet in Pokémon legends: Arceus, there is no exception.

Here you can watch the trailer for the Pokémon:

On the official Pokémon Twitter Account we learn that Hisui Zoruas are the spirits of Tother Zoruas. These are emigrated because they were expelled from their original homeland. Pretty fies and hard to imagine when looking at the cute fox monster. But it s still evil: Zoruas did not realize with the conditions in this harsh area and could not survive.

It is only understandable that the Zoruas have returned to malignant ghosts after this bad experience. On Twitter we read:

Her persisting souls were reborn by the power of their grudge in this spirit form.

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The Hisui Zorua is categorized as a Grollfuchs Pokémon as opposed to its normal form. It combines the types of spirit and normal. It develops to Hisui Zoroark. On February 28 you can get to know the pocket monsters in the new Pokémon game.

What do you say about this background story and which Pokémon has your opinion about the most tragic story?