United States [Note 2] (USA; in English, United States or US), [Note 3] whose official name is the United States of America (USA; in English, United States of America or USA), It is a sovereign country constituted in a federal constitutional republic composed of fifty states and a federal district. Most of the country is located in the environment of North America – where there are its 48 contiguous states and Washington D. C., the Federal District – between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Limited with Canada to the north and with Mexico to the south. The state of Alaska is in the northwest of the continent, limits with Canada to the east, separated from Russia to the west by the Bering Strait. The State of Hawaii is a Polynesian archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is the only one in its states that is not found in America. The country has several unincorporated territories in the Caribbean and in the Pacific.
With 9.83 million square kilometers, and with more than 331 million inhabitants, the country is in the fourth place by total area, in the fifth per surface contiguous and in third place per population. It is one of the nations with more diversity of ethnic groups and cultures, a large-scale immigration product.
It is the largest national economy in the world in nominal terms, with a GDP estimated at 22.6 trillion dollars (a quarter of Global Nominal GDP) and a fifth of GLIP GLIP in purchasing power parity. The country is the country Main capitalist force of the planet, in addition to being a leader in scientific research and technological innovation since the 19th century and, from the beginning of the 20th century, the main industrial country. In GDP PPA, the United States is the second largest economy, behind China.
The US continental territory was inhabiting for various indigenous groups for thousands of years. This aboriginal population was reduced by diseases and war after the first contact with Europeans. The United States was founded by thirteen British colonies, along the Atlantic coast. On July 4, 1776, he issued the Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed his right to self-determination and the establishment of a cooperative union. The rebel states defeated the British Empire in the War of Independence, the first successful colonial warlike conflict of an independence nature. The Constitution of the United States was adopted on September 17, 1787; Its ratification the following year made States part of a single republic with a strong central government. The Charter of Rights, which includes ten constitutional amendments that guarantee many fundamental civil rights and freedoms, was ratified in 1791.
In the 19th century, the United States acquired territories of France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia and Japan, as well as annexing the Republics of Florida, Texas, California and Hawaii. In the 1860s, disputes between the Southern Agriculture and Conservative and the Industrial and Progressive North on the rights of States and the abolition of slavery provoked the war of secession. North victory avoided a permanent division of the country and led at the end of legal slavery. For the 1890s, the national economy was the largest in the world and the Spanish-American war and the First World War confirmed their status as a military power. After the Second World War, it emerged as the first country with nuclear weapons and permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.
During the Cold War, the United States struggled in the Korean War and the Vietnam War, but avoided the direct military conflict with the Soviet Union. The two superpowers competed in the space race, which culminated in the 1969 space flight that led humans to the moon for the first time. The end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union left it as the only international superpower. In the 21st century, the 11-S attacks gave rise to the so-called Terrorism War, and the rise of China and the Russian Return leads to a new Cold War, while events such as the economic crisis of 2008, the election of Donald Trump as president or protests for the death of George Floyd caused internal social tensions.
The country represents two fifths of world military spending and is an economic, political and cultural force, leader in the world.

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