The worlds 2021 of League of Legends says goodbye to the quarterfinals with Sad Final for West . Gen G. It finishes the last representative of NA and leaves those of Perkz out of the world, who will accompany the other companions of him on the flight back to the United States. Although the cloud team seemed to have the game in their hands, a monster called Clid completely destroyed the American team, which would end up taking three to zero and the disappointment of not giving the level.

The series seemed to start with face for those of Korea, with an swollen aphellios from the first minute of the game. However, Cloud9 stirred in the mud to try to overcome the game, but Perkz flipped too much and would die stupidly against Koreans. From this, Ruler and company would end up taking the game easily. In the second game there is not much to comment, since it was a Stomp clear of the LCK. The third game if it seemed to opt for the North American team, but an excellent clid with Lee without sweeping in each and every line and causing the game and the series to decreased by those of Korea.

IG vs GRF - Game 4 | Quarter Finals S9 LoL Worlds 2019 | Invictus Gaming vs Griffin G4
Thus, The hopes of a Western World Cup vanish one more year and we can only wait for next season to dream once again. semifinals of these worlds will finally face Damwon Kia against T1 and Gen. G against EDG , although everything seems to indicate that the first series will take full attention as it is one of the more duels Expected of recent years even though those of showmaker start with advantage. However, you never have to underestimate the demon king that comes with several polished jewelry and a gumayusi plugged in.