The video (in Latin America [1] and Equatorial Guinea [Appointment required]) or Video (in Spain) [2] [3] is the technology of recording, processing, storage, transmission of images and reconstruction by digital electronic means Or analog of a sequence of images representing scenes in motion. Etymologically, comes from the Latin Video verb (pronounced as / video / in that language), vines, videre, which translates as the verb see . This term is usually applied to the video signal and the name is often used video or video by way of abbreviation of the full name of it.
Video technology was developed for the first time for television systems, but it has derived in many formats to allow the recording of video consumers and that it can also be seen through the Internet.
In some countries, it is also called a recording of images and sound on magnetic tape or on an optical disk, although with the appearance of the latter that term is generally identified with the above recordings on magnetic tape, of the VHS type, Betamax. Many videos are hung on websites, such as YouTube, which contains different types of reproductions.
Initially the video signal is formed by a number of grouped lines in several tables, and these at the same time divided into two fields carry the light and color information of the image. The number of lines, pictures and the form of carrying color information depends on the specific television standard. The amplitude of the video signal is 1VPP (1 volt of peak to peak) being the part of the signal that carries the image information above 0V and that of synchronisms below the level of 0V. The positive part can reach 0.7V for the target level, corresponding to 0V black and synchronisms are pulses that reach -0.3v. At present there are many different standards, especially in the computer scope.

The announcement of Saints Row made a few weeks ago for abundant criticism. Too much is the reboot in the eyes of many players from the once very over-rotated series. While developers do not intend to make a retractor after the trailer presentation , shows a new gameplay video, which expects you to the vehicle fights.

Vehicles are an integral part

Because not only the characters are the focus and can be adapted. The vehicles are also in focus in Saints Row and offer you the opportunity to adapt them as extensive to their own wishes and then make the streets uncertain.

The vehicle adaptation in this game is enormous – we have more options than ever before. If you adapt a vehicle, you have the opportunity to save it and then it will be safe in your garage, says the competent developer Vartion.

The video involved below shows your shootings, chases and a trip with a motorcycle. In a previous video, the scene of Saints Row was presented. You can watch the clip in this message .

Sold Saints Row in several editions. These include the standard version for around 70 euros, the Gold Edition for around 100 euros and the Platinum Edition for around 110 euros. Which contents expect you to know in the announcement linked here .

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The Launch of the title will be waiting for a while: appear Saints Row on February 25, 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. More news and items for the game are listed in our theme overview . Below you can take a look at the video scenes that imagine the vehicle fights:

Watch video on YouTube

wingsuit presented

In another video to Saints Row the wingsuits are introduced, with which you can take a look at the new scene from the Volgel perspective. You can watch the appropriate clip below:

Watch video on YouTube

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