FIFA 22 is a football simulation game developed by Electronic Arts as 29th part of FIFA game series. It was published on 1 October 2021.

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team you meet some tickets again and again. We show you the most popular players in Fut and what makes them so special.

What is this for a list? On the popular FUTBIN FUTBIN page, data is collected for the so-called Players Game Performance (short PGP). These data show us the number of plays of the cards, the goals per game and other interesting information.

Futbin collects the data of the cards that are found on the FUT transfer market. Uncharacterable cards, such as task or SBC players, can not be assessed.

Nevertheless, the numbers offer an interesting overview of which cards are most played in the Ultimate Team. Here we introduce you to the 7 most popular cards more accurately (as of 19 October 2021).

1. Ousmane Dembélé

With fabulous 1,908,856 play is Ousmane Dembélé the currently most popular player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The French wing player comes to a goal rate of 0.62, which shows that Dembélé is probably rather responsible for templates.

That makes the card so popular: Do you want to get Dembélé into the team, then you have to spend about 64,000 coins currently. In return, you will receive a lightning-fast wing sprayer, which can convince with its very good dribbling values.

But the Frenchman is likely to be so popular primarily due to the rare combination of 5 stars at the Skill Moves and 5 stars during weak foot. As a result, you can perform every trick in full speed and get the ball on the gate or players off each situation.

2 . Marcus Rashford

Currently, the gold card from Rashford 1,833,036 games with a gate rate of 0.86 in FUT 22 may have, which he lands in 2th place.

This makes the card so popular: With Rashford you get a strong attacker with very high speed as well as strong firing and dribbling values. Especially the 5-star skills in combination with the flair trait make the fast English so popular.

The most common use the FUT player Rashford with the Engine Chemistry Style, which raises his passport and dribbling stats again neatly. His price is currently about 78,000 coins.

3 . Theo Hernández

1,789,383 Games can previously record the Gold Map of Theo Hernandez in FUT 22, which brings him to 3 3 number of most played players.

This makes the card so popular: Theo Hernandez is probably the best left-back in the series A, but the Frenchman is very interesting for hybrid teams because of his nationality. Above all, draw him the enormous speed as well as stable values ​​in all other areas. He is a strong left-back, which can also be offensive for accents.

If you then still use Anchor Chemistry Style, you get one of the best defenders in the game.

4 . Vinícius Júnior

The first inform map of Vinicius Junior has already achieved incredible 1,785,307 games, which is an unusually high number at a price of about 331,000 coins. Per game the inform card achieves a average of 0.79 goals.

This makes the card so popular: Vinicius Junior is at home on the left wing and impresses with an extreme 96 speed and 5 star skill moves. Then give him the Deandeye Chemistry Style, then made of mediocre weft values ​​properly strong shot values ​​that are rounded off with 4 stars during weak foot.

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Son has been a popular card in Fut for many years, which has not changed in FIFA 22. Proud 1.780.850 games can already show the former Hamburg, with a gate rate of strong 1.09.

This makes the card so popular: If you look at the map of Son, you do not have to think for a long time why you are so popular with many players. Son has top values ​​in all major areas: it is very fast, has really strong shot stats and offers strong dribbling and passports. But especially interesting should be the 5-star at the weak foot, with which one can make goals from every situation.

The only problem: Son is not cheap and currently costs about 306,000 coins.

6 . Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is a bit stronger in FIFA 22 than in the previous year, which is also visible to the played games. These are currently played at 1,769,859.

This makes the card so popular: Paul Pogba is a dribble-strong midfielder with neat physique, outstanding passport values ​​and strong shots. A combination that does not exist too often in FIFA.

The Frenchman offers 5-star skill moves and 4 stars on the weak foot. If you still use the Shadow Chemistry Style, you get a fast box-to-box player with values ​​over 80 in each area.

He currently costs just under 100,000 coins.

7 . Bruno Fernandes

The Portuguese player from Manchester United currently already comes to 1,645,459 games in Fut 22, which brings him to the 7th place.

This makes the card so popular: This year Bruno Fernandes has received a really strong FUT card, which can convince especially in the shot, fit and dribbling. It is a strong option for the offensive midfield and costs no assets with 75,000 coins.

Using the Shadow Chemistry Style, Fernandes can also help in defensive and stop by strong defensive-stats enemy players.

On the other places are the following players:

Kevin De Bruyne
Alphonso Davies

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Erling Haaland
Ferland mendy
Achraf Hakimi
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