Saints Row returns and in a detailed video there is a lot of new gameplay to see. This comes from the beginning of the game and gives a first insight into new features, but of course the general atmosphere, the look, the game world and more.

Fans of the series will be pleased that there is probably in the reboot pretty much turned back to the point: we can not only be heated by the desert and lay daredevile stunts, but also explode police cars, with the wingsuit fly or even a Dixi toilet to the demolition bulb Connect.

Saints Row gameplay reveals wingsuit, tethering and initial missions

Saints Row is coming back! If you did not know it yet, you know it now: Soon a new Saints Row game should appear, which is designed as a reboot and restart of the series. This means that there will be a completely new story with huge game world and we can put back on a lot of collar action. All information about this is here:

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Saints Row returns to the roots: All information about the reboot

New gameplay video: Game Informer has released a new gameplay video that shows the whole eight minutes pure action from the beginning of the game. In it we encounter different gangs, there are wild chases and new features.

But best you can see the fresh gameplay yourself:

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What is in it? You can put you in the coming Saints Row, for example, on your car roof and take pursuers under fire. Also, the option to attach various items to the car and bring behind us should open many fun possibilities. That else is still available in the video:

game world : especially city of Sant Ileso and desert can be seen here
Fights : Shotgun, Ar, Pistol, MP and TakeDowns in action
Vehicles : Both cars and dirtbikes boards rum
Wingsuit : There is a wingsuit in the new Saints Row, with which we can fly around
Tethering : As in Just Cause, you can hang things on your car (such as a Dixi Clo)

Saints Row is scheduled to appear on February 25, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and the PC. Developer Studio Valliction and Publisher Deep Silver have already introduced the only districts of the game world of Santo Ileso . You can watch the associated video here.

How do you like the new gameplay from entry into the Saints Row New Edition?