The German Football Federation (DFB) (in German: Deutscher Fußball-Bund) is the rector s entity of football in Germany, based in Frankfurt am Main. It was founded on January 28, 1900 in Leipzig and is a member of FIFA and UEFA. Organize the German Leagues (Deutsche Meisterschaft), the Cup Championship (DFB-Pokal), the Supercopa (DFL-Supercup) and formerly the League Cup (Premiere Ligapokal). Likewise, it is in charge of Germany s soccer selection in its different categories. Incorporates 25,727 clubs, totaling more than 6.7 million members and 171,567 soccer teams of all ages, the largest membership of any sports federation in the world. The DFB has 1,058,990 women among its affiliates and 13,420 female soccer teams. [1] It is divided into five regional federations with 21 regional organizations.

The German Football Bund (DFB) has recalled the game of the 12th matchday. New appointment is the 30th of November. Stick on this Tuesday evening is at 19 o clock.

The Mannheimer have a day before the catch-up game. You previously play on Friday evening (26 November) in Duisburg. The lions enter the TSV Havelse on Saturday (27th November) in Hanover. You do not have to travel during the week. The following 18th matchday at the beginning of December is not currently scheduled for contemporary.

Jersey Germany  / Die Mannschaft / Deutscher Fußball-Bund Away 2018

To the schedule

The game specified for last Saturday had been canceled because several positive findings on Covid-19 in the team had occurred at the SV Waldhof as part of the PCR tests. The relevant health department had a quarantine for the persons concerned as well as other players who are not vaccinated or recovered and were identified as close contact persons. Due to the Team Quartanean, the SV Waldhof had been available less than usage 16 players.