This list includes games of the PC Engine Console (Turbografx 16 in the USA) and their CD add-ons. It represents only part of the games and therefore does not claim to be completed.

Valorant is about to receive a new Skins package and, although the usual by these dates coming from an American company would be an assortment of new models related to Halloween, from Riot Games have surprised us with the celebration of the Dead Day. In this context, the collection will never be forgotten , which aims to have a much more global look and make apparent references to this typically Mexican festival.

So are the new Skins Never Forgotten

Riot Games had already planned to launch this design during the past year, but could not fit it into the calendar. However, they claim to have been clear at all times that it was very important to make cultural references that demonstrate the intention of being something more global and making all players being represented. The goal was, then, Create a line of designs related to the day of the dead that show a deep respect and exceed all expectations , faithfully reflecting the Mexican tradition instead of being a combination of skulls without too much sense.

These skins change color according to the area of ​​the map in which we are and enter the category of Luxury Edition . However, the name should not lead us to deception: the collection never forgotten will not even be the most expensive of Valorant and will be available in a pack that will include all aspects at a price of 5,100 vp. Something cheaper that recent sets such as Valorant Go 2.0.

The I never forgotten collection will be available next October 20, 2021 (a priori next to a new patch) and we can find it at the game of the game for a limited time. After that, the only options to get it is to wait for a possible return or wait to be lucky in the night market.





Knife – mele

The evolution with radianite allows us to block one of the two variants to avoid the color change effect. A progression that affects both the main weapons and the melee.