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Les lauréates peuvent se présenter au concours Miss Univers. Depuis 2007, elles peuvent également se présenter au concours Miss Monde pour représenter la Russie.

CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD is becoming closer, the Popular Activision Shooter has been preparing from your presentation with new details about your different facets and game modes. Last month we had a lot of interesting information about its multiplayer mode, which has made the saga big, a multiplayer that we have been able to prove and that we have extracted very good sensations.

Each character has a story to tell but the most veteran fans of the franchise do not forget their legendary campaigns and Sledgehammer Games has promised to be up to expectations with a story with a strong Narrative where we will follow the steps of these five heroes of the Global Special Forces Task Force One and the fearsome villain who will face. Five very different characters with a common goal, beat the axis forces.

Sergeant Arthur Kingsley

Arthur is the Heart and Leader of the Task Force One, originally from Douala, Cameroon, he was formed at the University of Cambridge before being enlisted in the British army. Bred in a family who always fostered multilingualism, he speaks five languages ​​and grew up listening to talks about politics on the donut and books that his mother read him, being the three musketeers of him favorite him.

Kingsley is a born leader who is not governed by the traditional army patterns, a man who works every day for protecting his teammates and earning himself. Arthur is someone friendly , of warm smile, with a deep empathy and lover of quiet life, life in peace. However, he understands the bad guys in the world and has a strong sense of loyalty in the fight against Nazis and the dangerous ideas they propagate.

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Lieutenant Polina Petrova

Polina Petrova, born in Stalingrad her fight for a strong conviction of defense of her country of her, who was home to her in her childhood and that she keeps happy memories, like the games of Hunting with her father. The invasion of the axis in the barbarroja operation has threatened everything that is important for it and she will use the developed aim of her to make a step in combat.

The history of Polina is one of revenge and retribution For all that she has lost. A woman of few words that only speaks when she has a purpose. Polina is driven by a strong desire to release her home, that she will show so much with her words as with her acts, a free home of Nazi invaders as a goal that will often awaken the thirst for revenge.

Soldier Lucas Riggs

Lucas Riggs is a man who prefers to act to speak , the son of a sheep breeder on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. From the baby he worked with his family to take care of the flock and collect wool, but when the Second World War began, he did not hesitate to enroll the army, ready to see world and fight against a greater evil.

Riggs is a giant kind for the allies of him, the soul of the group often, but at no time seeks to be the center of attention. However, for the enemies of him he is a brutal and very intimidating warrior, a man with a forceful force, although his specialty is the explosive . A passionate soldier who values ​​his companions and the country of him above all.

Lieutenant first class Wade Jackson

The pilot Wade Jackson is a New Yorker who enjoys more in the air than on Earth , a born acrobat originally from Brooklyn, the first to be wrapped in fights and especially when it is questioned the honor of the family of it . A bright man who did not find a place in traditional education.

A lover of speed both on the road and in heaven, that he grew up being a reckless . He got his pilot wings after enrolling in the Navy, becoming a force of the Pacific. A charismatic and enthusiastic man who enjoys the challenges and always seeks to be the best. Although he is a lone wolf, he appreciates the value of the competent members of his team, as long as they do not interfere on his way.

Sergeant Richard Webb

Sergeant Webb is the right hand and friend of Arthur Kingsley, a cult man Born in a family of academics that since young man followed the footsteps of his parents to carry a future in college education. Richard thought that the graduate work would exempt from the service, however, the call of recruitment was sharp and he accepted reluctantly.

Although he understands that his country needs it, it does not house a feeling of honor in duty, for him it is a job he performs with the hope of returning one day to his old life . Without an illusion by the glory of the battlefield, Webb is a cautious man and calculating with each contest. His intelligence always leads him to make successful decisions, although in many occasions this leads him to be stubborn. Webb will live a decisive moment in operation Tonga, and the motivations of it to join the Task Force One will discover them in this campaign.

SS Oberst-Gruppenführer Hermann Wenzel Freisinger

This Ambitious Nazi will be our main villain in the Vanguard campaign, an arrogant member of the Gestapo in Berlin, which stands out for the interrogations of him in the SS and participates as secret architect of the Tenebrous Fenix ​​Project . Bred in a wealthy family, he always showed a military vocation that took him to a long trajectory in the army.

Freisinger served in the police for later joining the Gestapo , reaching a meteoric ascent within the match for the cunning and tactics of him. A ruthless and official manipulator that employs any means to get the information he needs, both friend and enemy. For Freisinger, the Phoenix project is the most crazy goal of it and will do anything because it is true .

With a group of as many nationalities, the game will take us by a multitude of scenarios of the Second World War, the USSR, Western Europe, the Pacific and Africa. They will begin their missions by separated , but later they will meet to face the common enemy, the forces of the axis and the Fenix ​​Project .

CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD will arrive next November 5 A PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X | S and PC. Remember that if you want more information, you have more information about the game and the reasons why you will convince the old call of Call of Duty.

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