Mojang and Play Mechanix have partnered to create an arcade version of Minecraft Dungeons! The four-player dungeon exploration robot will receive its own console later this year! Maybe this announcement could have happened once the arcades are no longer the vectors of a deadly disease!

???? MINECRAFT DUNGEONS ???? Die ersten 2 Stunden [Xbox Series X/4K60]

The blog post announcing this project assures us that the cabinets will be tested in arcades in line with local health guidelines to mitigate the risk of pandemic ongoing. This is an excellent news, assuming that all the people involved are very Careful. More than that, it seems that the attendance of the arcades is just lower in general right now? Even without the plague?

On the other hand, taken in the void, the machine Minecraft Dungeons Arcade looks rather radiant. Players can even collect physical cards that replace backup files. Like the old initial cabinets d! If the vaccination goes well, that you stay safe and you end up in a place where you can play this machine without any acute danger, so much the better! It really looks really fun. Or, if these conditions are not yet fulfilled, the original version of the PC and the console is really good. You can read our review about it here! The Arcade Minecraft Dungeons machine arrives a little later this year.

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