Our Summary to Episode 8 of Season 11 of The Walking Dead is still warm and there is already a view of the length of the, now yes, winter break. As you know, the final season of the iconic zombie series consists of a total of 24 episodes, which, however, split into three religion-thirds. The first third with the episodes 1 to 8 we have now left behind us.

Via press release, the responsible persons now announced when it continues with the episodes 9 to 16: from 21 February 2022, at 09:00! The last eight episodes of the season and from The Walking Dead at all should follow in the course of the year. In the message it continues:

The Walking Dead FULL Season 4 (Telltale Games) The Final Season All Cutscenes 1080p HD

The Walking Dead returns in February with dramatic events: while part of the group in the fight for life and death is against the reaper, the group in Alexandria of Mother Nature is put on a hard rehearsal. The world breaks literally. Meanwhile, life in the Commonwealth does not seem as idyllic as it seems. While some new hope draws, others are pushed to a point where there is no back anymore. One thing is certain: life depends in the suspension and every decision Threatens your future to change your survival and dramatically changing your community.

The author of these lines has gone out after great enthusiasm at some point in Season 7 and is currently considering whether a re-entry could be worthwhile. Did you see the last seasons? How well did you like the quality of the series last? Is it worthwhile to fight through the maune middle section? Skin your opinion in the comments!

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