Saints Row is back soon! On February 25, 2022, the new title of the developer of Vartion appears. Although fans get a continuation of the already existing series, but a complete reboot of the brand. The focus is to be more on the construction of a gangster empire in the new game, which has slowly lowered something in the previous games. The new Saints Row should offer all kinds of action, but still be more earthed than the predecessor title.

So that the fans finally get an insight into the game, developers volition and publisher deep silver have published a short video, which shows true gameplay for the first time. So grounded Saints Row should be, the footage also falls as quiet.

Although the video starts action kingdom with a beach buggy, which collides with a poor jogger, the rest of the clip shows, however, the rest of the clip shows calm recordings of the new game environment. After the dust swirling ride, the developers show the streets of Santo Ileso at night. The player character walks leisurely through the neon-illuminated city. After a pair of camera swing on the skyline, the video changes to daily scenes and ends with a swivel over the desert horizon outside of Santo Ileso.

Saints Row: Exclusive First Look At The World of Santo Ileso

The in-game recordings shown are certainly not everything that Saints Row has to offer. Currently, that s the impressions with which the developers want to make the fans feel like more. It will certainly change much in the game, because the recordings shown come from the alpha version of the game. After all, the gameplay can be found out that the team attaches great importance to a lively and large Open World. What else can you look forward to Saints Row remains to be seen.

Safe is definitely that Saints Row is only available for the PC exclusively only in the Epic Games Store. In addition, the game for PS4 & PS5 as well as for Xbox One & Xbox Series X / S is announced.

What may not be missing for you in the new Saints Row? Write us in the comments!

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12.10.2021 at 15:26