In the past one and a half years, the Covid-19 pandemic had firmly under control the world. Lockdowns were imposed and over a long period of time, many people had to remain in their homes and houses.

Almost simultaneously, Sony launched the Play at Home initiative, which gave the PlayStation players as a small encouragement free games. And the offer was abandoned. As Sony s Jim Ryan announced in an interview, the Play at Home games were used more than 60 million times.

We made two waves. When everyone had to fight with the first Lockdown, we thought that would be a good thing. We were able to do it. And we were very satisfied with the reaction , So Ryan . And then Christmas was over and we started closing again, and all … It was a bit miserable.

Sony thought that it would be a nice thing if the Play at Home campaign is repeated. So we did it again, this time over a period of several months. And now 60 million games have been redeemed under this action, says the PlayStation head.

Play at home campaign could return

Despite the quite high vaccination quotas, Covid-19 has long fledged and many people are likely to look with mixed feelings on the fall and winter. While it is still unclear whether it will come to increased restrictions in the coming months, including school closures, Sony does not exclude a continuation of the play at home campaign.

Well, that depends on whether Covid is done, says Ryan. That s such a thing. We will see how the world evolves. If the Lockdown, God be preserved until 2022 and beyond, who knows who knows? Maybe we feel that we have to do it again. We will wait and see.

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In the course of the Play at Home campaign numerous games were offered for free download. To call a few examples: included were descend , the witness , the Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition , Moss , Astro Bot Rescue Mission and many more games. In our topic overview you can take a look at the associated messages.

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